Advances in technology galloping

One thing we can count on is that our world is always changing. We do not even recognize our own city, if we have seen a picture of her one hundred years ago. At that time people somehow found a way to live without cell phones computers or Blackberries. We can not imagine what it would like to communicate only by letter sent via U.S. mailand wait at least 30 days to figure out what was happening with our friends and family a few states away. Now, of course, we can email them in all corners of the world and receiving the message in seconds.

Looking back just twenty years, technology was a completely different animal than it is now. The last two decades have seen great advances in technological advances. Remember cassettes? They were replaced by CDs and then MP3 players. Television was considered the big screen 28 "and weighs 50 pounds, have also been transformed into high-definition screens 50" or more and weigh less than 30 pounds. It is obvious that the world is changing as I write this.

We often think that technological advances in terms of all the electronics around us to entertain and educate us. But there have been great advances in medicine over the last couple of decades. Scientists are learning new things about the disease and the search for treatments every day. Scientists funded by private and public sources have made great advances in the field of health.

We know much more about infectious diseases like AIDS and on the central nervous system disorders such as ADHD and Alzheimer's disease. There are still diseases in the world where it is severely limited further medical knowledge in which no cure has been found. There are many different types of diseases, infections and abnormalities that affect people around the world, chances are we'll never know everything there is to know about what they are and how to treat them. What we do know, however, that science is always evolving and one day, medicine will catch many of these ailments unknown and / or intractable.

For people diagnosed with cancer, AIDS or Alzheimer's disease is undoubtedly important to continue investigating and working to improve medicine and the search for cures. Every year millions of Americans die suffer from infections or illnesses, long before they should have. This means that families in the United States suffer the loss of family or loved ones because there was a cure sufficient for diagnosis.

There is no doubt that companies like Sony and Verizon are investing millions of dollars each year on research into new technologies that have the newest and best product on the market. Smart phones and HDTVs have certainly been evolving at an incredible rate. It is amazing to live in a time when we have the technology to send emails from our phones or see something live on TV happening thousands of miles away. With all this technology on the rise and should be able to find a cure for things like HIV / AIDS and Alzheimer's disease.

You've probably been in the back of a major department store and asks if you want to donate a dollar to cancer research or children of Jerry, or some such charity, which aims to help fund medical research . You will hear many is not whether or not today's customers in line ahead of you. Just think, however, if they did donate a dollar and if you did the same and all on the line of the same, maybe the amazing advances that have taken place in the market for technical electronic devices are produced in the field of research medical assistance, and we can all keep our loved ones.