Advantages of Information Technology

What is Information Technology

Information technology is the use and application of computer system for processing, managing and distributing information. Use of ICT in this context involves the hardware and software.

Some of the main advantages of information technology in various areas are as follows:

Speed ​​and accuracy in information processing

With the use of IT more work can be done by individuals, businesses, services and government organizations. Programs to improve the function, such as word processors, database programs and spreadsheets can do the job in less time with greater accuracy and efficiency.

World Social Interaction

That has made the global social and cultural interaction very simple. This is evident with the emergence and success of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the use of information technology has eliminated the barriers of language technologies, such as language translators.


The introduction and use of high-tech applications and gadgets, like iTunes, iPod and ipone has been revolutionary. Download, buy, play and organize music, videos, TV shows and movies has become very easy and accessible. The advance of information technology throughout history gallant puts the world in the palm of the hand with technologies like the iPad and Amazon Kindle.


The effect of information technology in worldwide communication, it's phenomenal. Telecommunications has gone beyond the use of basic technologies. With the advancement of the Internet and technologies such as VoIP (Voice over IP), organizations, businesses and individuals can communicate at any time from different parts of the world through voice and video calls, web conferences, seminars and virtual meetings.

Economic Promotion

An important step to global economic progress is the removal of the barriers of distance and time caused by the application of information technology for the purchase and sale of goods and services (e-commerce). E-commerce players led to small businesses, large and small to leave. Interconnection of business is conducted smoothly. Thousands of local businesses, national and international companies now have what is known as "web presence" and can now reach a wider audience.


Education has gone far beyond the use of bricks and boards fatal or traditional classrooms. The world is now in the era of e-learning, using technologies such as VLE (Virtual Learning Environments). Students can access all materials and resources online, participate in real time or asynchronous virtual classrooms.


The use of ICT has led to an overall improvement in the quality, safety and efficiency in the health care system. The health sector is a positive impact on the use of electronic health records, computer virtual technologies of medical care, telemedicine, e-health networks and various systems specialist health care information.

Information technology has brought phenomenal changes in all aspects of life. The positive impact has been global and change continues to grow exponentially. However, the disadvantages can not be ignored. A major threat is caused by IT security and the drastic reduction in privacy.