Bicycle Technology flatfoot

You may have noticed that something interesting is happening in the bicycle industry. Most of us can remember the fun we had as children riding bicycles, sometimes it was our most important means of transport, sometimes it was just nice. I often wondered about this bike I saw ever more technical and complicated. It seemed strange to me as an adult, that bicycles are no longer comfortable position than before. Today, again the bends forward over the handlebars forces you to keep your head in an awkward position of looking before you and the seats are small and uncomfortable. These bikes may have been a good position for runners, mountain bikers and hill to riders, giving them the power and aerodynamics necessary, but were merely awkward for the rest of us. It seemed that the industry in its efforts to become exclusive, is aimed at professional cyclist, and forgot about those of us who just wanted to ride a bicycle for transportation, healthy exercise or to cross the open air and enjoy the clean air. Whatever the goal, I lost good feeling on a bike and I was pushed by having to keep my body in this novel position.

By chance, I ran flat foot bikes, which are a variation on the theme of the crank is sometimes called forward or recumbent comfort. At first, I had doubts, convinced that some soft sales rep was trying to sell the newest product in the industry unnecessary, but I tried. When he went to the Electra Townie and started riding, the overwhelming nostalgic feeling I had was that of being a child, feeling the bike just feeling good. One of the bike is upright riding position, the body is up and the legs instead of being in a down position is a little further by providing good leg extension. The arms are relaxed, you can look and simple, without neck, feet and uncomfortable slope down which ones will not flat in a tiptoe position stops. It just feels better, but also reduces back, neck fatigue and arm. You feel more in control, with a sense of gravity and a wider spread of the road. The advantage of being able to put your feet flat on the ground when stopped was something that was not even aware of how much was lost. I had forgotten what a sense of security it gives you, when you no longer have the flexibility of a brave boy.

Since I was 11 years old, and had to walk in the city on errands, possibly with a shopping cart, I realized the bike had to fit my current lifestyle. In what was described as a ladies bike, I imagine the English countryside with women in long skirts on their way to the local market, and knew I had found the bike for me. No longer had to try to be the professional cyclist or who had no interest in being. The bike felt safe and comfortable because of this, it has rekindled an old love, and I have come riding on an almost daily basis. It feels good to be there moving and there is nothing like the cold air blowing in your face and hair and the constant movement of the foot to pedal to feel alive.