Educational Technology

Educational technology is increasingly common in schools and this is a great thing. School officials, parents, principles and teachers know that education technology helps a student to learn more, learn faster and become more organized students. The limits are endless what a student can learn the successful integration of educational technology in their studies. If they are taught in school how to use the Internet and educational technology to improve their education, then it will be very prosperous in school. It is important for teachers to incorporate educational technology in classrooms, not only for the educational benefits that come from being very familiar with the use of technology as an educational tool, but because students respond well to technology.

The children are now managed by technology more than ever, wish lists passed bicycles, basketball hoops and balls to cell phones from Nintendo, and laptops. The kids love technology and limitless entertainment opportunities it gives them, why not add schools to keep children happy and eager to learn? The technology helps a lot to organize students, either in the computer storage of documents in different folders, create and organize clearly written tests or using any of the Microsoft programs to improve their skills document to support educational technology children to be more organized. Since kids love so much technology and so often use a non-profit group, NetDay wanted to compose a survey to all school children between about technology and how they affect their education. The survey is supposed to last only one day, was called Speak Up Day, but due to the overwhelming response that extended the study to a week.

The officials were not surprised that kids love technology and I would like to see more of it, they knew that by introducing the technology in the classroom in the past, always called the student's attention and interest them. These days it requires a lot of ore to get students to focus and be interested in a classroom because of the huge amount of technological distractions that could b carried out, if any text messages your cell phone, play on your cell phone, using portable video games, listening to an iPod, or even other students do any of these things, makes the distractions in the classroom and not getting everything it should be out of the lesson is taught. Through the introduction of educational technology, students will portable entertainment devices away and be interested in learning and see what new technological devices can do.

In the survey, which surprised school officials and non-profit organization, NetDay, which organized the survey was that students not only wanted more education technology, but also came with a way to earn money for schools the opportunity to equip their classrooms with more technology. This was a surprise to school officials because students wanted not only technology, but wanted to help raise money by doing fundraisers to help equip their schools financially. This shows how technology is important for our students and children, we must begin to give them incentives to raise funds for technology and help schools become more technologically equipped.