Technology against people

As the technological age has led to a series of new fashions, which has also generated a number of business concepts, some of which have been others that have failed. The rise of social media has given the brand to an entirely new brand marketing as well as a new form of reputation be ruined quickly if not careful. The younger generation is the generation that spends the most money usually because they are usually those who are entering their own slot at maturity. Younger people are the ones who usually spend more money, but with the current recession has reduced spending and businesses must work harder to prove that something is a necessity.

This has led many companies to take the Internet and technology as a new way to start doing business. There have been many revolutions of Twitter to Facebook, Netflix Red Box, which have allowed some companies thrive and others do not. The need for technology but can also be thwarted where great people is being replaced with technology, he said. In general, if you replace a person with a piece of technology is taking the possibility of more efficient technology and could make the rest of the staff work better together. However, in certain industries lose that personal touch that can make a big difference.

In certain high-tech industries is not only better people. The hospitality industry relies on people and have fewer technological changes happening simply because the people who work there are those that make the business as it is. You can not have robots that serve people's drinks and food and establish a friendly atmosphere. It is these intangibles that make people better than technology.

Another thing against is that technology can fail, resulting in disastrous events can actually damage your business. An example of this would be in the winter of 2010 there were many cuts Internet in stores the week before Christmas due to inclement weather. Some stores had become so accustomed to the use of its POS (Point of Sale) systems that do not even know how to handle debit cards by phone, which lost thousands of dollars, because there was a reliance on technology with no copy planned security people.

In general, an integrated approach that people use and efficient technology is the ideal method. Asking IT consultants can give you a basic idea of ​​what you will need intelligent hardware and software but sometimes its not yet appropriate technology needs. It is also always a good idea for employees good enough by themselves to be able to function without the technology if necessary.