Understanding the LED TV

If you've looked at all the fabulous photos of a TV LED catalogs this year and get to buy one for yourself, it really will be useful for your purchase if you know some facts about the first technology. The LED TV had a great reception at CES this year's Trade Show and Samsung was the first that have brought the technology to market with its range 7000 Samsung TV.

In short an LED TV is actually an LCD TV that incorporates additional technology. LEDs are light emitting diodes are an efficient light source while other methods before turning on the LCD screen are used as fluorescent tubes, since the LEDs are used to illuminate the LCD.

While fluorescent tubes providing a light, have some disadvantages. They occupy more space and are heavy in weight. Also not provide enough color quality, and that blacks are not true blacks, which reduces the vibration of all the other colors. This is basically why LED technology came along - which could provide a source of light that can show the pure blacks and whites.

At present there are a couple of LED TVs available to consumers. One is the model with backlit LCD screen allows illuminated with back lighting through a series of LEDs placed behind the panel television. The other is to break through the illuminated edge version, which uses LEDs as a light source placed around the edges of the TV screen. The use of LEDs in the lights back requires a lot of space in the back of the TV, so LED TV thicker in size. The edge-lit LED however, requires less space in the rear and therefore, the designs are much more slender and elegant.

Another useful feature of edge-lit LED TV consumes less energy is not only good for the environment but also save on the monthly electric bill. So the first thing you need to go buy the LED TV is whether I want it back on or edge-lit and the back will be on the expensive to buy. There are also a number of accessory options for LED TVs.

The TV screen can be used as an interface to a personal computer. This makes a TV capable of playing all your favorite songs from your computer, including live feed from any website on the Internet and watching movies online. You can even watch your home videos that are saved on your computer. LED TV sets also come with a USB port that can be used to view the material in your USB flash drive and watch movies, videos or pictures.

Other accessories can be added to the LED TV is Blu-Ray, satellite receivers and digital dish and even game consoles. This is because HDMI ports, which eliminate the need for cables (both A / V and coaxial) and adapters. You can also purchase a wall mount kit with LED if you're interested in mounting the device on a wall in your home. Sets LED TV is much lighter than previous LCD TVs are much easier to hang on the walls. This is especially true for the edge-lit LED TV, which is much lighter and thinner and more able to be mounted.