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Make your photo funny with Photofunia

I am sure that we still remember the New Year of 2011 when there were so many people who use the photofunia 2011 new frames to make their New Year celebration photo look great. It seems that the trend of Phptpfunia will also be repeated again this year.
When the year changes, there will be so many more photofunia new frames and effects that you can use to make your picture more interesting. You can apply so many effects that will make your photo interesting without learning how to use editing software. With new photofunia frames, you can make your photo unforgettable. 

Free Online MMORPG 3D Games - Entertainment Value X10

The more you understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article you'll find that the subject of Free Online MMORPG 3D Games - Entertainment Value X10 is certainly no exception.
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If you want to have a good time you need to throw down some of your hard earned cash. I'm sure you've heard a similar adage in your travels but is it accurate at all? There are arguments for each side however the one true defining principle is you. Do you find entertainment out of it? Do you need to spend money like a little corporate robot zombie puppet!? Advertising and media and pretty much everything will tell you yes and online gaming is no different. Buy this new game, pay a monthly subscription free, fork out a chunk of cash every time they release and expansion. Hell even try and quit because you can't seem to justify spending the dosh to continually play and then get roped back in via your mates or aggressive follow up marketing reminding you of how 'awesome' the game you were paying for was.

Why do you do this, cause you love those games. Online gaming mmo's and all that get your heart racing but are they really worth your hard earned cash? In this day and age, that's up for debate but the one shining beacon of hope especially for those who have partaken in the intoxicating addictive life that online gaming before but can't afford to for various reasons can play with the choices that are now available. Free online MMORPG 3D games have gone new wave, With hundreds of quality games that rival the big dogs and all without a subscription fee! And let me tell you some of the best gaming experiences I've had have been on free to play games. So in the end what is the value of a free to play online game versus a paid to play one? The answer is infinite, since you didn't spend any dosh and you had fun that is all that really matters.

What follows is a simple break down based on some average assumed figures to give you an indication of how much you would have spent on various subscription games instead of a free to play game. lets say you play XXX online game, which retailed for 70 dollars with a monthly subscription fee of 30 dollars, now if you play on average 10 hours each month and lets face it that is not a lot. Your first month dollar value spent per hour of entertainment would be 7 dollars an hour and about 3 dollars an hour each month after that. now of course that figure drops dramatically the more you play however if you play the same amount on a free to play game then thats 100+ bucks left in your pocket to spend elsewhere.

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San Diego Data Center Service

Providing the best maintenance service for your computing system is an essential need to make sure that you will experience the most convenient way of performing your business computing system. For serious purposes such as business, computer maintenance is such an important concern. That is also including with the data storage system. Most businesses nowadays are relying on their IT in operating their business activities. Without a strong and comprehensive support from its IT and data storage system, the computerization and IT management can be very prone to malfunctions. If you need to know more about San Diego data center, you can find your references easily online.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that computing and IT system is taken care of with assurance is to get a collocation service. This service provides a data storage system for businesses who wish to have a special maintenance help from a reliable IT management service. Data center San Diego provides collocation help that can benefits you with easy maintenance, large data storage capacity, and also partial private collocation cabinet with full electricity load and also maximum security. 

With a collocation help for your data storage, you can rest assured knowing that your system is taken care of by professional service. The malfunctions can be avoided and you will be able to run your program with no worries. Most collocation services provide amenities for your data storage order, such as full electricity support, bandwidth, extreme density HVAC, client support service, fire suspension, physical security, and also other addition amenities such as shipping and receiving station, training centers, client work area, wireless internet access, ample parking, equipment lifts, freight elevators, and others. If you are looking for the most reliable San Diego data storage service, you can find your references easily online.

Fluorescent Lighting Dangers - Why LED Lights Are the Better Choice

If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Fluorescent Lighting Dangers, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Fluorescent Lighting Dangers.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:
Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) along with more traditional fluorescent lamps are now being aggressively marketed as environmentally friendly due to their reduced electricity consumption. Indeed, widespread replacement of incandescent bulbs with CFLs will greatly reduce electricity demand; however, there are safety issues that ultimately contribute to making LED lighting the superior choice. Understanding fluorescent lighting risks can help ensure that fluorescent light bulbs are used and disposed of safely while explaining why LED lighting is the safest and most eco-friendly lighting choice in the long run.


The most commonly cited fluorescent lighting hazard is mercury. Fluorescent and CFL bulbs contain a small amount of mercury and are identified with the elemental symbol Hg. When these bulbs are cold, some of the mercury in the lamp is in liquid form, but while the lamp is operating or when the lamp is hot, most of the mercury is in a gaseous or vapor form.


Fluorescent lamps create several hazards if broken. Depending on the type, there may be a partial vacuum or the lamp may be under pressure. Breaking the glass can cause shrapnel injuries, along with the release of mercury and other hazardous compounds.


Never use a CFL with a dimmer in the circuit (unless it is specifically made to work with dimmers), even if the dimmer is set at the maximum setting. Doing so places you at risk of fire and at the very least will dramatically shorten the life of the lamp and the dimmer. Also most photocells, motion sensors and electric timers are not designed to work with a CFL. Check with the manufacturer for the use of a CFL for these types of fixtures.


Any fluorescent fixture that uses lamps longer than 24" or that is used outdoors or in a damp, wet, or high-humidity location must have an electrical ground for the fixture and ballast. All rapid-start and instant-start fluorescent fixtures must have an electrical ground in order to operate properly. Fixtures with longer lamps operate at higher voltages, with some fixtures having starting voltages across the lamp as high as 950 VAC. Voltages at this level represent a strong shock hazard and improperly grounded fixtures or direct contact with electrical connectors or other wiring can result in severe injury or death.

Short-Wave Ultraviolet Light

A long-term hazard from fluorescent lighting is the shorter-wave ultraviolet (UV) light that escapes the lamp. No matter how well crafted, some short-wave ultraviolet light escapes from every fluorescent lamp made. Short-wave UV light is one of the damaging components of the suns rays that reach the surface of the Earth, which can directly damage organic tissue and trigger cancers. Short-wave UV light can also age or damage paper, fabrics and other materials.

 Flicker and Glare

Flicker and glare from fluorescent lights can also cause headaches and have been found to impact learning and ability to concentrate. Although humans cannot see fluorescent lights flicker, the sensory system in some individuals can somehow detect the flicker. Ever since fluorescent lighting was introduced in workplaces, there have been complaints about headaches, eye strain and general eye discomfort. These complaints have been associated with the light flicker from fluorescent lights. When compared to regular fluorescent lights with magnetic ballasts, the use of high frequency electronic ballasts fluorescent lights resulted in more than a 50% drop in complaints of eye strain and headaches. There tended to be fewer complaints of headaches among workers on higher floors compared to those closer to ground level; that is, workers exposed to more natural light experienced fewer health effects.

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Promotional Golfing Products Are Not Just For Golfing Enthusiasts

Are you looking for some inside information on Promotional Golfing Products? Here's an up-to-date report from Promotional Golfing Products experts who should know.

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Promotional golf products are used in a wide-variety of areas around our communities. Logo-branded golf items are not just used on the golf course this year. For advertisers, this allows for some interesting possibilities and uses for the traditional golfing gear.

Golfing Shirts: Polo shirts are required garments at some golf courses. Logo branded polo shirts are now used as high-quality uniform tops for sports teams, outside workers, and office staffs everywhere. The golfing polo shirt stays neat looking under all types of conditions, and it is very comfortable to wear as a printed uniform shirt. Long-sleeve and short-sleeve sports shirts are long-life advertising products.

Promotional Golf Caps
: All types of sports caps and golf visors are popular items that many men and women choose to wear daily. Advertising that is printed or embroidered onto ad caps is seen by lots of different people as these caps walk around with their owners in every type of place that the public gathers. Golfing pro shops often sell branded golf course caps for golfers to wear in the sun.

Golf-Theme Consumer Products: Many of the golf-themed consumer products on the marketplace today are being purchased at the online promotional item stores. These establishments carry thousands of desirable consumer products that can be printed with golfing themes or all other types of logos, icons, themes, or ad text messages. For some unusual promotional golf item ideas, check the promo item site catalogs.

Golfing Hand Towels: Golfing hand towels, water bottles, and the personal item gear bags that the golf enthusiasts carry are all appropriate items to use with any sport or personal exercise routine. Ad printed hand towels that clip to a belt or backpack or used by joggers, at exercise gyms, and by executives who have chosen to pedal to work. Promotional sports items are inexpensive ad items that last for a very long time.

Printed golf umbrellas, promotional golf balls, and ad printed golf tees are common items that are given away as business gifts. With a little thought, it is easy to find the right company gift that will appeal to both golfing enthusiasts and non-golfers. Promotional cell phone holders, printed tool holding lanyards, or personal clip-on safety lights and advertising whistles can all be used on or off of the golf course. All types of promotional advertising items are used to promote businesses today.

So what are you waiting for? Get your logo on some popular golfing gifts and promote your brand.

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Unique Golf Cup Award

Golf Award Trophy  will be a valuable part of any trophy case. This will serve as reminders and memories of fun and competition at a golf tournament or event.

Award Trophy  should reflect the unique nature of your event or tournament.

There are an infinite number of styles and materials that can be used to provide the look and feel of your course and event. Working with builders trophy awards from the creative and create anything from a metal bucket for glass engraved on a plaque and clubs.

If you want a more traditional look for your appreciation, you can choose from classic gold cup for acrylic, glass, silver and crystal. Nambe engraved trophy made ​​with beautiful southwestern flare.

What ever style you decide you'll want to carve your trophies with laser technology that produced the latest computer engraving. Engrave trophies with your logo, date and name of the event and the prize winner's name. You may want to include the name of each tournament spongers. Including text will make the award recipients will proudly display for years to come.

Another good tip about using a baking sheet

To make sure you are in line with aluminum foil. This is a good idea for almost every type of baking pan - Teflon pan, cookie sheet cake base, etc.

It can keep things from getting crusty to the sheet, and saves cleaning time. You can even replace the foil a few times before you have to wash the pan.

Lots of everyday life, our test cooks reach rimmed baking sheet. We use them to bake cakes, biscuits, breads, and cakes jellyroll, as well as for roasting oven fries and asparagus. With a wire cooling rack set in, they're good for broiling or grilled meat and the preparatory work such as holding breaded cutlets before frying. Our pan-not just for baking their true workhorses of the kitchen.

However, you do not have to try this trick with a silicone baking sheet - not a good idea. My brother silpat baking sheet, and he tried to bake some cookies on it with aluminum foil, and completely destroying it.