Another good tip about using a baking sheet

To make sure you are in line with aluminum foil. This is a good idea for almost every type of baking pan - Teflon pan, cookie sheet cake base, etc.

It can keep things from getting crusty to the sheet, and saves cleaning time. You can even replace the foil a few times before you have to wash the pan.

Lots of everyday life, our test cooks reach rimmed baking sheet. We use them to bake cakes, biscuits, breads, and cakes jellyroll, as well as for roasting oven fries and asparagus. With a wire cooling rack set in, they're good for broiling or grilled meat and the preparatory work such as holding breaded cutlets before frying. Our pan-not just for baking their true workhorses of the kitchen.

However, you do not have to try this trick with a silicone baking sheet - not a good idea. My brother silpat baking sheet, and he tried to bake some cookies on it with aluminum foil, and completely destroying it.