Free Online MMORPG 3D Games - Entertainment Value X10

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If you want to have a good time you need to throw down some of your hard earned cash. I'm sure you've heard a similar adage in your travels but is it accurate at all? There are arguments for each side however the one true defining principle is you. Do you find entertainment out of it? Do you need to spend money like a little corporate robot zombie puppet!? Advertising and media and pretty much everything will tell you yes and online gaming is no different. Buy this new game, pay a monthly subscription free, fork out a chunk of cash every time they release and expansion. Hell even try and quit because you can't seem to justify spending the dosh to continually play and then get roped back in via your mates or aggressive follow up marketing reminding you of how 'awesome' the game you were paying for was.

Why do you do this, cause you love those games. Online gaming mmo's and all that get your heart racing but are they really worth your hard earned cash? In this day and age, that's up for debate but the one shining beacon of hope especially for those who have partaken in the intoxicating addictive life that online gaming before but can't afford to for various reasons can play with the choices that are now available. Free online MMORPG 3D games have gone new wave, With hundreds of quality games that rival the big dogs and all without a subscription fee! And let me tell you some of the best gaming experiences I've had have been on free to play games. So in the end what is the value of a free to play online game versus a paid to play one? The answer is infinite, since you didn't spend any dosh and you had fun that is all that really matters.

What follows is a simple break down based on some average assumed figures to give you an indication of how much you would have spent on various subscription games instead of a free to play game. lets say you play XXX online game, which retailed for 70 dollars with a monthly subscription fee of 30 dollars, now if you play on average 10 hours each month and lets face it that is not a lot. Your first month dollar value spent per hour of entertainment would be 7 dollars an hour and about 3 dollars an hour each month after that. now of course that figure drops dramatically the more you play however if you play the same amount on a free to play game then thats 100+ bucks left in your pocket to spend elsewhere.

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